Created to share what I have learned and am continuing to explore as a teacher of T'ai Chi Chih® and a student of Taoist philosophy. According to ancient Chinese wisdom, Chi (pronounced "chee" " also spelled Qi) is life energy pervading everything that exists, both animate and inanimate. Your human body is the vehicle of your personal life force. Balanced and free-flowing Qi is said to enhance physical and emotional health and promote longevity.

Wendy Helms Ph.D.

I have a long-standing interest in the body/mind connection. My doctoral research focused on the relationship between stress and disease with special attention to the damaging effects of unresolved anger. I trained in Aikido for 8 years and have been teaching T'ai Chi Chih since 1997. The practice has enhanced my life with balance, harmony and creativity. It is an excellent form of stress management and I truly believe that each individual who becomes more grounded, calm, balanced and aware is contributing to reducing world tension.
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T'ai Chi Chih/Qigong - balance & well-being

"T'ai Chi" means "Supreme Ultimate"; "Chih" (pronounced "Chuh") means "knowledge". By gaining awareness of your own life energy you connect with the energy of the cosmos. Nineteen independent movements and one pose form a soft, flowing, moving meditation practiced by tens of thousands of people around the world. It's easy to learn and brings benefits to many - including peace of mind and improved health. Published Research on the health benefits of this form gives evidence that practice of TCC can reduce depression & anxiety, improve balance and sleep and strengthen the immune system.
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"Waves of Qi" CD

The story behind the "Waves of Qi" CD: For my T'ai Chi Chih classes it was hard to find suitable background music because I wanted just soothing sound without rhythm or melody. My son solved the problem. In his recording studio he combined the sound of ocean waves with mellow synthesizer tones and a recording of wind chimes. The result felt like a gift. This CD is enjoyed as background music for meditation, yoga, and massage and helps to induce sleep. Listen to a sample of Waves of Qi.

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Poetry Book:

After I started learning T'ai Chi Chih in 1995 I experienced a flood of creativity. The twenty four poems in "Waiting to Know" are very personal. I designed and printed the booklet as a birthday gift to my husband. The title poem was written in response to a request from a friend who was dying of cancer and who was distressed at not knowing what happened after death. "Growth" helped me come to terms with my mother's death. Download poetry sample.

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Taoist Greeting Cards

I started making these cards because the quotes were a source of inspiration to me and my students. One set of six cards features quotations from Lao tzu, a founder of Taoism. There is a set of four "Oriental Wisdom" cards and three larger cards which can be used for a variety of occasions. A portion of sales proceeds will go to charity.

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T'ai Chi Chih was successfully introduced to Sydney on December 1, 2012. Watch this site for information about future offerings in Australia.



You and Your Body
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Are You Breathing?
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Are You Stressed?
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Health Benefits
of T'ai Chi Chih

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the Philosophy behind
T'ai Chi Chih/Qigong

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Count the creases of the sea
or count the grains
of polished stone and shell
that shape the shore.

Count the clouds,
or waves of wind that flow
beneath the wings of gulls
and know . . . they are

as many and as few
as there are curves
within the endless spiral
coil of life that raised
the possibility of you.

A poem from:
Waiting to know
and other poems
by Wendy Helms

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